Law Enforcement


The Greensboro ABC Board collaborates with the Greensboro Police Department to provide law enforcement services within the City of Greensboro to ensure compliance with laws and rules pertaining to the operation of ABC permitted establishments.  Officers of the Greensboro Police Department have received specific training and have the authority to conduct enforcement and inspections of alcohol beverage outlets within the City of Greensboro.

ABC Enforcement officers provide directed enforcement of criminal violations in and around ABC permitted establishments with a priority of maintaining order and safety.  The ABC Enforcement officers receive complaints from citizens, business owners, and the police department that assist in guiding their work which may includes investigating the illegal sale spirits in residential homes.  Along with ABC Enforcement officers, there are ABC Inspection officers.


ABC Inspection officers conduct inspection and compliance checks of ABC permitted establishments including bars, clubs, restaurants and other outlets that sell and serve alcoholic beverages to ensure compliance to ABC rules as they relate to permits, records maintenance, and the sale and distribution of alcohol.  ABC Inspection officers have the authority to enter any ABC permitted establishment to conduct an inspection and upon determination of any violations, submit a report to the NC State ABC Commission for adjudication.

The Greensboro ABC Board encourages public input and communication.  If you have any complaints, concerns, or questions please click on the following link to make contact with an ABC Enforcement or Inspections officer: