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2017 Small Batch, Antique & Specialty Release List

Greensboro ABC Specialty & Small Batch Product Release Date: November 15, 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m. at 4366 West Market Street ABC Store
Time: 6:00 p.m. at 3617 Battleground Plaza Store

Ticket Distribution areas will be set up on the exterior of the stores.
Please note there are 2 locations, each with a different time.
Please ensure you are at the correct location for the time indicated.

Drawing tickets will be distributed to persons present, and indicating they wish to participate in the “Instant Draw” for Specialty & Small Batch product. One ticket per person. Participants must be 21 years of age, meet NC ABC legal regulations to participate in the drawing and purchase spirituous products. Tickets may not be swapped, traded, or given to another person for any reason.

All persons will have an equal chance in the drawing, line order will not improve the chances of purchase. The drawing will be held shortly after the distribution of the tickets.
Purchase order will be determined by the order in which tickets are drawn. All participants must present an acceptable photo ID. Ten patrons at a time will be given access to the store to select their item on a first available basis. There is no guarantee that you will get the item of your preference, or that your number will be drawn. The chances of your number being drawn are proportionate to the total number of drawing entrants, and available product per release location.
A complete list of the available Specialty and Small Batch products will be posted on Friday, November 10, 2017.


For additional information please read the following post under ABC News
October 20,2017 Greensboro ABC Release and Specialty Spirits Instant Draw


October 20,2017 Greensboro ABC Release and Specialty Spirits Instant Draw:

It’s that time of year again, and as usual the interest level in the annual release of specialty spirituous products is gaining momentum. Over the last three years the Greensboro ABC Board has utilized two different distribution formats including:
• Registration for lottery 2014, 2015
• Public announcement, first come 2016
Both have had pros and cons. This year we took the best parts of each to develop an “Instant Draw” release distribution format. It requires no advance registration. If your number is not drawn in the morning round, you may try again in the evening “Instant Draw.” You may only win once, and must use your ticket at that time. You may not enter again in the evening drawing if you win in the morning. Only those patrons whose tickets are not drawn in the morning may enter again. This provides Greensboro ABC patrons, and connoisseurs an additional chance at purchasing limited products.
There will be two release times, and two locations on the same day. The date has not been determined as of yet. We are awaiting the arrival of several of the specialty items. We anticipate the date will be sometime in early November.
Greensboro ABC Board Release and Specialty Spirits Instant Draw
The date of the release of all Specialty Spirits will be published on website in the homepage crawl. Details will be given under the News tab.
Here’s How It Will Work:
• No advance registration is necessary.
• On the day of the release each person gathered for the release will be given one of two drawing tickets. The other ticket will go into a spin barrel.
• Tickets drawn will provide the holder with the option of purchasing one specialty item from the available limited product.
• Tickets for drawing will be distributed at 9:00 am with Instant Drawing shortly thereafter at the West Market GBABC Store.
• Tickets for drawing will be distributed at 6:00 pm with Instant Drawing shortly thereafter at the Battleground GBABC Store to allow broader access to our consumers.
• A complete list of all available products will be provided to patrons.
Everyone attending the release will have the same chance, it will not be predicated by your place in line. The sequence of the drawn tickets will determine the order of access to purchase. Please do not camp out overnight in Greensboro ABC parking lots. There is no benefit in camping out overnight, or lining up at 5:00 am as each person in line will receive a drawing ticket, and the chances will be based on the total number of persons present and participating.
Important Info:

All NC ABC laws apply. You must be 21 to make a purchase, and will be required to present valid picture ID should your ticket be drawn.

Click the links below to find relevant information about Greensboro ABC Board. For more information see our contact us page to speak with a representative.

2018 DRAFT Budget

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2017 Board Schedule


Greensboro ABC Limited and Specialty Product Release Notice

November 7th, 2016

Please read the entire notice. The following stores will have Specialty, Limited Antique Collection Spirituous products available for purchase this Wednesday, November 9th, 2016. This dispersement includes the annual release of all “rare” products of varying ages 10 yr. 12 yr. 15 yr. 20 yr. and 23 yr. and other Bourbon and Whiskey products.

All stores open at 9:00 am.

There is a one bottle limit on any product in this dispersement.

No reservations, No holds, No exceptions…

Battleground Store #1 *West Market #5 *Pisgah Church #6 *Cedar St. #7 * Randleman Rd. #9**Cedar Street #10 **

* One bottle limit on all Specialty Antique Collection, products may vary per location.

** For restaurant, bar permittee only.

Notice to Specialty Spirits Patrons

November 2, 2016

Dear Patrons:

Thank you for your patience in the long awaited annual release of the highly sought after limited and small batch spirituous products. Greensboro ABC will announce the release date and confirm the store locations later this week.  Please note the release WILL NOT be this week only the release notice, also note the stores do not have release date information.  

The products shall be stored behind the check-out counters and available on a first come basis.   Please accept our regrets in advance. We will not have enough product to meet the demand of every customer desiring to purchase a specialty brand.  Fewer total bottles were received this year of the allocated collections.  We understand there may be some disappointment in not being able to purchase the product of your choice. However as always, I wish everyone good luck in obtaining their product of choice.


Vickee’ A., CEO


Dear Bourbon and Specialty Spirits Followers:

July 5, 2016

The Greensboro ABC Board will no longer disperse limited and specialty spirits via lottery drawing. All North Carolina ABC Boards are prohibited by NC General Statute 18-B from promoting the sales of alcohol. In addition email addresses will not be collected.

Notification of specialty product will be generically posted on the website as it is received in our warehouse with descriptions, i.e. “40 bottles of specialty bourbon age 10-23” Specialty products will be dispersed between stores and placed behind the counter for sale to patrons with all other products. All limited items will be limited to one bottle per patron and available on a first come first served basis.
The products will be distributed among the following stores and Mixed Beverage outlet when received.
Cedar Street #7 * Cedar Street #10 * Randleman Rd. #9 * Lawndale #13 * Pisgah Church #6
Vickee’ Armstrong, CEO



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