2017 Specialty Product Update Notice!

November 2, 2016

Dear Patrons:

Thank you for your patience in the long awaited annual release of the highly sought after limited and small batch spirituous products. Greensboro ABC will announce the release date and confirm the store locations later this week.  Please note the release WILL NOT be this week only the release notice, also note the stores do not have release date information.  

The products shall be stored behind the check-out counters and available on a first come basis.   Please accept our regrets in advance. We will not have enough product to meet the demand of every customer desiring to purchase a specialty brand.  Fewer total bottles were received this year of the allocated collections.  We understand there may be some disappointment in not being able to purchase the product of your choice. However as always, I wish everyone good luck in obtaining their product of choice.


Vickee’ A., CEO

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