Welcome to the Greensboro ABC Board

Greensboro is an exciting and vibrant city.  It offers a wealth of historical,  entertainment, food and beverage offerings for local residents and visiting guests to enjoy.  A part of it's history includes the  production of "home still" distilled spirits. Those colorful, legends of moonshine makers, runners, and fast cars from the 1950's days of prohibition evolved  into NASCAR; a three billion dollar a year industry and the legal dispersement of alcohol including a new breed of craft moonshine distilleries in North Carolina.

In 1937 North Carolina's General Assembly created a uniform system of controlling and regulating the sale of distilled spirits in our state: A State Board of Control - The ABC Commission - was established to oversee the issuance of alcohol permits, tax guidelines, product selection, and uniform prices throughout the state. The City of Greensboro voted to approve, operate, and control the sale of distilled products in 1951.

ABC stores are semi-autonomous agencies, they are not owned or operated by the city or state...  No state or local tax funds are used to support local ABC systems.   Each city or county unit is allowed to vote on establishing its own stores.  Eighty-five percent of net profits are dispersed to Board's city or local county governmental agencies.  A minimum of five percent is dispersed to law enforcement and up to five percent for alcohol education.   Other profits are distributed to affiliate municipalities.